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Parent Participation:  Our motto is "Parent Participation In Education" through open house, volunteer work, classroom visits, evening meetings, conferences, parent organizations and In-Services designed especially for parents and students.

Parent/Student Handbook


FERPA Notice To Parents    


MDE Letter regarding Priority School status


Lunch Program Notice To Parents

Special Dietary Needs Form


Lunch Program - September 2016 Letter To Parents



School Visitations:   Parents are welcome and encouraged to visit or assist in our classrooms to share your experience, talents, or even just to observe your child’s class.  Your involvement is important to our educational program.  It is the best way for you to learn about our school.  However, in order that the class routine and instructional time is not disturbed, it is necessary that parents who wish to visit inform the teacher and the office in advance.  For the protection of our students we must identify all visitors in the school.  Therefore, all visitors, parents and helpers must register at the school office before visiting the buildings or classrooms.

Technology:     Students' Acceptable Use Policy.


FREE Meals For ALL Students:       Ross-Hill Academy is a participant of one of the newest federal programs which allows all students to receive breakfast and lunch free of charge.

Cell Phones - Prohibited:  If there is a legitimate reason for cell phones or other electronic devices, they must be left in the school office until the end of the school day.  The school will not be responsible for any cell phones or other electronic devices.  It is the school's policy that all emergency calls be made from the office.


Dress Code:  All students are required to adhere to the Uniform Policy.


Attendance Procedures:  School hours for Kindergarten through Grade 8 are 8:00 A.M. to 3:15 P.M., Monday through Friday.  If your child will be late or absent for any reason, please notify the school office.  If you receive no answer please leave a message on the answering service before 8:00 A.M. on the day of your child’s absence.

Parents should inform the office when a student is going to be absent for more than one day.  Students that have chronic absentee or tardy problems will be referred to the Wayne County Intermediate School District attendance officer for investigation.  Parents are responsible for making sure their child(ren) are in school.  Failure to do so without appropriate medical documentation or valid reasons are subject to punishment and fines by state law.  Excused tardies or absences require written parental notification.

Attendance Policy